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“I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings
they can show me in the world.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess how many doggie treats are in the jar....and win a FREE pet portrait!

I just completed "30 Dogs in 30 Days/Weeks," a HUGE personal art project that enabled me to expand my portfolio, grow as an artist, and make a bit of money from my pet portraiture in this wretched economy. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of friends and supporters. I am humbled by the kindness and encouragement that I, and my artwork, have received from so many people—family, friends, clients, and strangers alike. As a thank-you, I'm offering the opportunity to win a FREE custom i heart dogs studio pet portrait.

Pictured above is a circular, tapered, lidded plastic jar filled with as many whole Milkbone dog biscuits as I could fit in it. I only placed whole biscuits, not pieces, in the jar. Specifically, they are the Milkbones* for medium dogs (the box with the Australian Shepherd on it). I counted the biscuits as I placed them in the jar, and wrote the final number on the bottom of the jar. Can you guess how many doggie treats fit in the jar? I put an extra one in front of the jar to give you an idea of scale. The rest is up to you. Either through supreme spatial intelligence and math wizardry, or just plain luck, someone will (hopefully) guess the correct number, or come darn close, and win a pet portrait created by yours truly.

1. The winner is the person who comes closest to the number without going over (that's right: Price Is Right style!)
2. If more than one person correctly guesses the exact number, I will determine the winner by date/time of post. Whoever guesses it first is the winner.
3. Only ONE guess per person/e-mail address.
4. You MUST give your guess in a comment on this particular blog post. I will not accept guesses given to me via any other blog post, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
5. In the comment, you MUST include BOTH your name and valid e-mail address.
6. I will accept guesses until 5pm Eastern time on Friday, July 16. I will announce the winner Saturday morning, July 17.
7. The winner will receive an 8"x10" oil painting on canvas panel, signed and dated by me. As always, I retain all copyrights to the artwork.
8. The prize will be a portrait of ONE PET ONLY, inspired by photographs of the pet, which will be supplied to me by the winner.
9. While I am holding the contest now, I will not begin to create the portrait until the end of August 2010, as I am taking a much-needed, month-long break from painting this summer.
10. I reserve the right to disregard any guesses/posts that are in any way inappropriate, or do not follow the above rules.

Thank you for participating and GOOD LUCK!
And thank you for your continued support of my lil' pet portrait business. If you are new to my site, please take a look around!

Oh! One more thing! I'm doing "30-in-30" all over again, starting in August. Stay tuned for a call for photos! Your pet could be included in my project; if so, you'd be able to score a custom pet portrait at a ridiculously low price!

*I have no connection to the company that makes Milkbones. I just buy them for my dog because she likes them.
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