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“I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings
they can show me in the world.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Maggie...and Honesty Time

30/30 Week 5: Maggie
I'd never heard of an Affenpinscher until I was sent pictures of Maggie for my 30 Dogs project. What a cute little bundle of fur! Maggie has a brother, Otis, who is a Smooth Coated Brussels Griffon. He's just as cute...and to see them together makes me melt. Otis is being painted currently so you'll see what I mean very soon.

OK. Honesty Time: I'm so behind with artwork, I could cry. Maggie's portrait represents Week 5 of my project. As I type this on November 28, I am currently in Week 10 or 11. Yeah, I'm that behind. It's driving me crazy. On days when I have time to paint, painting is the last thing I'm in the mood to do. And on days when all I want to do is paint, I have no time to do it. This has been the reality for weeks and weeks. I'm turning into a real grump over it. I am determined to finish Otis today, and eek out time every day over the next week to paint a little bit, and hopefully get back on track with my project. Thank goodness I knew better than to solicit holiday orders this year. I'd be insane! Deep breaths, Christine....Wish me luck.

If you are a 30 Dogs participant, and you specifically told me that you'd like to give the finished portrait as a holiday present, never fear. I'll get it done in time! As my students say all the time: "I got you!"

On a happier note, I hosted my family and Kevin's family for Thanksgiving. I channeled my inner Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and my Lithuanian grandmother and put out a huge feast, with some crafty touches (I'll post them later). Everything was delicious. Everybody was happy and relaxed. THAT is what is important, not some silly self-imposed art deadline that I'm flubbing up. I need to keep focusing on my blessings in order to turn my frown upside-down.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, too!

UPDATE: This painting has been framed, and is now for sale right here.
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