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“I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings
they can show me in the world.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The first dog

Rosie is the first dog for Kevin and me, as adults. We absolutely adore her, and can't imagine life before or without her. She happens to bear a striking resemblance to the former First Dog, Millie (Bush). I'm pretty sure Millie was a purebred Springer, so she must have been on the small side. Rosie is half Springer and half Cocker; and, at just 24 lbs., she is tiny for either of those breeds. My guess is that Rosie was the runt of the litter, but I might never know for sure.

We found Rosie through Petfinder.com and adopted her from a local pet rescue. She was very close to not being born, as her mother (Lily, a chocolate American Cocker) was given to a kill shelter while very, VERY pregnant. She was a week away from being euthanized when the angels at New Beginnings Pet Rescue took her. Lily gave birth to seven puppies in the kitchen of one of the Rescue's volunteers. Some of the puppies were all black, some all brown, some black+white, and some (like our girl) brown+white. This leads me to believe that the mystery daddy was a black+white Springer. All of the puppies, and eventually Lily, were adopted. I often wonder about Rosie's siblings—what they look like, how big they are, if they have the same personality and quirks that Rosie has.

People stop us all the time and admire our dog. We get a variety of guesses as to her breed(s). Cocker people say Cocker. Springer people say Springer. They are both right. Brittany people say Brittany—wrong, but there is a resemblance; and my sister has a Brittany so I love to meet Brittany people. A lot of people say Cavalier King Charles, which I don't get because there is definitely a difference, facially. But at least the CKC is a spaniel. The funniest guess was Dalmatian. "Because she has spots." Yep, that's what a guy said to us at Petsmart once. Kevin and I just chuckled. How silly! Most people assume we got Rosie from a breeder, and are surprised to hear we adopted her. I love moments like that because it is an opportunity to advocate dog adoption. There are amazing dogs waiting to be adopted! Even dogs that would fit right in on the White House lawn, like ours.
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