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“I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings
they can show me in the world.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Modern Dog Magazine's "Little Dreamers" article

A new client requested that I use a patterned paper background on the portrait he has commissioned. This is the first time I've been requested to do one of these backgrounds in a commissioned piece; up until now, I've just done them on my own whim for some 30 Dogs portraits. This style has been very well received, which makes me so happy because I'm really into it. In celebration of my growing acrylic + patterned paper repertoire, I thought I'd talk about what inspired me to do it in the first place.

One day in Spring 2010, I was flipping through Modern Dog magazine. When I came across the "Little Dreamers" article, I stopped in my tracks. It was a 6-page photo spread featuring puppies. Adorable puppies. The puppies alone would be enough to take someone's breath away, but I was drawn to the gorgeous patterns behind the puppies. Incredible fabrics served as the backdrops for the photo shoot. I loved the juxtaposition of the brown/gray/black/white dogs against the colorful, bright, busy, mostly floral patterns. Instantly, I was inspired to play with pattern!

The result? My new collection of pet portraits, done in acrylic with a patterned background. I don't use fabric; rather I use lovely papers that come from Japan, India, Nepal, or the good ol' USA. This style forced me to work with acrylic after years of exclusively using oil. That has been a challenge, as acrylics and I were never buds. But I pushed through and I now have a newfound respect for, and a comfort level with, the medium. Thank goodness because I have subsequently become pregnant and am using acrylics for the remainder of my pregnancy, for safety reasons.

The photographer for this article was Tanya King. I just took a gander at her work and she is pretty awesome. And she hails from my neck of the woods—let's hear it for NJ!

Neither Ms. King nor Modern Dog magazine know I exist, but I feel compelled to thank them. They inspired me to experiment with style and media, which resulted in a fresh collection of work that excites me. Every artist needs to branch out once in a while, so as to not become stagnant or feel bored.

What has inspired YOU lately?

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